Evil Cartoon Stepmother

grinch smileCarter and I have had our ups and downs over the past two and a half years. At the beginning, there were a lot of downs. Towards the middle, it was like a roller coaster ride of games and emotions. Since his dad and I got engaged and married, it’s like he realized I’m in it for the long haul and for the most part, things have been great. Sure, occasionally we have our my mom is better routine, but overall, things have been pretty easygoing. Over the past month though, he has decided to dust off the old “let’s torture Alicia attitude” and it’s out in full force. He just turned ten so maybe we’re getting close to the rebellious puberty stage. I’m going to link it to that to give me hope that we are gradually moving through all stages and nearing the end of it all.

He likes to watch a cartoon that has a variety of characters…to include a fat, lazy, p.o.s. stepmom (have you ever noticed that they NEVER make the stepmom a likable character? Ok, maybe Julia Roberts character is occasionally enjoyable in the 1998 movie “Stepmom”…love that movie. Bring a box of tissues though.) Anyway, Carter loves this show and he now makes it a point to interrupt whatever I’m doing so I can run to the living room and watch. Coincidently, the parts that I’m “required” to view are the fat lazy stepmom that is either licking the glass to get a cupcake or she is incapable of reading. His comments always include “is that you Isha? Is that how you feel?” Carter is quite the wise little smartass though. He knows that I don’t eat sugar and I read nightly, so “no you little pain in my ass, it’s not me.” But you can’t say that, right other Bonus Mom’s? That’s his goal! I want him to meet his school goals, his life goals, his anything positive goals, but not this. I’m going to shut him out like Sandy Koufax in the 1963 Dodgers season! Instead, I laugh and say “oh my gosh, that is hilarious! She is the character that totally makes the show!” I can feel the grinch smile take over my face and soul as he looks at me silent. Then back to folding the laundry. It will happen again, probably tomorrow. You gotta give it to the kid…he never gives up. That’s something to admire.

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