“Find Me Mission”

It’s a normal transition day. I get off work early, pick up Carter from school (whomever decided that kids need to get out of school at 2:30 pm on a Monday of all days is crazy….crazy), and ask him how his week was with his mother. He gives the standard response, “played video games and spent the night at everyone else’s house.” It used to get us riled up that all he appears to be capable of doing at his mother’s is eating Cheetos, playing video games, and spending the night at all of her friends’ houses instead of having some stability at home. But now we have come to know this as the norm and we choose our battles wisely. I politely reply “Oh that’s nice. I bet you had fun.” Continue reading ““Find Me Mission””

Evil Cartoon Stepmother

grinch smileCarter and I have had our ups and downs over the past two and a half years. At the beginning, there were a lot of downs. Towards the middle, it was like a roller coaster ride of games and emotions. Since his dad and I got engaged and married, it’s like he realized I’m in it for the long haul and for the most part, things have been great. Sure, occasionally we have our my mom is better routine, but overall, things have been pretty easygoing. Over the past month though, he has decided to dust off the old “let’s torture Alicia attitude” and it’s out in full force. Continue reading “Evil Cartoon Stepmother”

Life Lessons

Trevor fell victim this time! That’s not true. We are a team, so when the behavior is directed at him, it hits me and vice versa. I did feel bad for Trevor this time though. It was transition day. You all know this day. It’s the day the kids go from one house to the other. It is usually accompanied by bad behavior, temper tantrums, whining, and all around frustration. You must have sympathy for the kids though. In this case, they are going from spending the night at everyone’s house, sleeping on the floor, no bedtime, and more of a friend than a parent (I’m biased I recognize that, but you have no idea until you see it) to a house with their own bedrooms (that they actually sleep in), no chaos, and straight up stability. Continue reading “Life Lessons”

Single Mother

Image result for girl with hand up emoji“Single Mother” is a term that leads to sympathy and compassion right? That used to be
the case for Trevor and I until his ex started to use it like she drinks wine (daily).  Now I know this sounds like I am a bitch (oh honey, I’m a bitch for more reasons than that). I have friends that are single mothers.  They work two jobs, their baby daddy isn’t in the picture, and they strive hard to provide a great life for their kids. Believe me ladies…I get you, respect you, and appreciate you. The day that it became difficult for me to accept the kids mom’s excuse of “I’m a single mother” fell through pretty early on. Continue reading “Single Mother”

Light Switch On, Light Switch Off

kidMost of the “other woman” stories I have relate to the oldest child, Carter.  As of yesterday, he officially passed the torch to his younger brother Henry.  Henry has started Preschool and is in a new place this year.  While it is fun and exciting, it can also be scary and overwhelming.  The transition was smooth right off the bat.  No issues, no temper tantrums, and he even began thanking God for his new school when praying at dinner….”Thank you God for this food.  Thank you for this day.  Thank you for my Preschool.  In name Amen Jesus!”  (Not the most poetic, but still pretty darn cute.)  This week was the turning point though. Continue reading “Light Switch On, Light Switch Off”

The Positive Sides of Interacting with the Ex

Image result for girl phone conversation cartoonsIt’s a Friday evening and Trevor has been gone for two weeks of training with the Navy.  He is on his flight home right now and I CAN’T WAIT to see him.  It is 6:14pm and my phone rings.  Excited that it is him, I jump up to take the call.  When I look down at the phone though, it reveals a different name.  It’s the ex-wife.  My first thought is “why the heck is she calling me?”  I politely answer the phone and immediately the ringing of the voice stings.  Continue reading “The Positive Sides of Interacting with the Ex”

Devil Car

Image result for car cart at grocery storeIt was a Saturday morning around 11 am. I was watching both boys by myself while their dad was at drill for the weekend.  They needed a haircut so I took them to the Great Clips just down the street from our house. It was a normal trip, or at least I thought it would be.  Henry sat in the chair and at three years old, he was nervous but did just fine.  Carter however, felt like he had known the hairdresser since he was out of the womb.   Continue reading “Devil Car”

Terrible Twos


It’s 7:08 am on a Wednesday morning and two year old Henry is crying hysterical, hitting me, and yelling he wants his mommy. I’ve lived in Montana now for 47 days. This is the first time I’ve considered spanking the little guy. My usual threats include “do you want your dad to spank you?”  I’ve never laid a hand on him or his brother.  But as I sit in the living room of our tiny home while their dad is at work, I think, “now is as good a time as any for the kid to learn that I can spank him for his asshole like behavior too.”  Continue reading “Terrible Twos”

You can be bad at laundry?

Image result for laundry cartoonIt’s 10:30 am and as I’m standing in the kitchen of our tiny rental home (because it was “essential” to get Trevor out of the house he shared with his ex-wife, yet we still have to pay half of the $2500 mortgage).  Carter, Trevor’s oldest son says to me, “why does it take you so long to do laundry?  It only takes my mommy two hours to do laundry.”   Continue reading “You can be bad at laundry?”